Sessions for UK Govcamp


It's about ethics in the Civil Service, where are the boundaries Grit and Determination, when is it too much? Time to think time to reflect, ethics in the civil service?

Edge Cases - How do we deal with them?

Digital and Strategic Policy Digital technolgy can be isolating Is there a product person inside every policy official? How do we help bring them on?

Using Procurement to help not hinder innovation

Data Government, how ot make it better, what do you need? How can data stores better serve people who aren't analysts/data scientists Everything data & doing it better in councils - how? How do we improve access to data on people's representatives?

How Government needs to give a crap, a chat about donught economics Let's sort Health and Social Care Climate & Sustainability

Creating spaces for serendipity, to breakdown silos and reinforce weak links!

Archiving GovCamp on the web -Should we? How? What are the issues?

How to do better discoveries? Share what's worked and how you've got past blockers

Making work for free lancers in public sector as good as the work we are doing.

Help at Hogwarts a problem clinic based on liberating structures - solve each others problems


The potentially rocky future and how to navigate it

Local government, policy, scaling and sharing!

How to lead with confience...when you're not. As someone who is junior, what's the best way to make a difference?

Data Valuation - making the intangible, tangible. Doing data right in digital service projects: intersecting data into delivery

Services which are policy.

Diversity and Inclusion! Supporting parents and the return to work, making workplaces more inclusive for queer and trans foldk, enouraging WIT

Moving from beta to live. How do you do it smoothly? How do you keep best practices? How to smaller orgs do it well?

What do we need to consider when defining a Website Analytics Service?

Silent session: introverts in goverment

Do delivery teams work with big knotty problems?


Minimum Viable Team - Starting Digital? - Small orgs? - Who do you need? - Skills? - Roles? - Numbers?

What s a good show and tell kit? What are the things to look out for to run a good one?

What Change do we want to see in the Physical World? With local gov being the meeting point of policy, delivery & complex citizen needs, how can centre & local Government come together?

Financial Difficulties, Gambling and persistent debt

Models are like toothbrushes, everyone has one but no-one wants to use anyone else's. What simple models are you using in your work? Come and share & I'll share mine (value proposition) Data standards/models & move to graph data. How do we choose/shared standards and data?

Publishing A+E wait times: how hard can it be?

ID for everyone: identifying individuals in UK / link to APIs

Lets write some stories using the Tiger that came to tea!

identifying and helping groups using ancient databases, custom apps & spreadsheets Scrap job titles / gov skills bank

How do you get the right data literacy and computational thinking levels across the public sector?

How can we make national services feel local to a user?


Digital Government Observatory: Which? for Gov

Citizen cities NOT smart cities!

how to love your introverts!

how can we design spending review and other funding processes as a service (and agile friendly?)

How do we engage senior leaders (including political people) in the way we work, to reduce buzzword addiction?

How can we be more vulnerable in orgs that aren't? Odd one out in your team

Power in the workplace - HONEST SHARING SPACE and distributed leadership. You've just taken over a high performing team: one problem, you are evil!

How do we get benefit enrolment to be shared/transfered between gov/local authorities?

Metaphors! Moving away from engineering metaphors to ecological metaphors.


How do we end things with respect, compassion and finality...?

NHSX WTF? We need your help!

Book Camp: let's talk about books

How to introduce #agile to #policy teams and vice versa The agile service manifesto, like, hate or change!

Closing the curtain on agile theatre

Stickers! And paper plane games!

What will you do when you get back to work? Where is my manager?!

Adages - watchword for 2020